Weekly Press Release – 9/18/2013

Just another Crowded Sunday in the Youth Room

Just another Crowded Sunday in the Youth Room

Youth Worship

FBC Student Ministry is excited to report that our Sunday Morning attendance of the Youth Worship has hit the ceiling. We commonly hit 25 or more students in a room designed for 20. So this week with the prompting of our student leadership team we are moving Youth Worship (for grades 6-12) to the Activity Center. High Schoolers will meet in the Activity Center and fellowship from 10-10:30 then we will begin our mixer time. By 10:50 our Middle Schoolers will come down from their classroom and join us for worship and teaching.

Anthony on the carry - BTS Picnic 9-14-2013

Back to School Picnic

We want to offer a special thank you to Wayne and Barbara Bridges for the wonderful BBQ and picnic they threw for the youth last Saturday. They fed 27 people with food from their garden and even the beef had been butchered by Wayne! The weather was perfect we had a great time. Check out the pictures at http://www.fbc-portland.org/fbcyouth/what-a-picnic/


Special Lunch – October 6th

Without the support of you the work that God is doing in the lives of our young people would be hampered. Because you have prayed … Because you have encouraged … Because you have given financial support to the youth, they are growing and we can never thank you enough. Come and hear from them on October 6th during a special lunch where our wonderful students will share their hearts with you. We will have lots of pictures and video so come and see what God is doing.