The Next Big Thing


Ministry to Students is often a steady diet of small things like lessons, games and small group discussions. Life on life ministry is essential for ministry to flourish but that deep level of relationship does not come easy. Walking into a Sunday School class or Bible Study can be intimidating at first, especially if you do not know anyone else in the room. Small groups of people who already know each other can come off as cliquish to visitors. No matter how much you work on being a welcoming group there always seems to be a little awkwardness that lingers and gets in the way of deep relationships.

That is why it is important to do Big Things. Things like retreats, camps and mission trips. There is something about spending the day playing and spending the night in a cabin or a tent that creates bonds. Big Things encourage students to relate to each other in ways that builds deep long term relationships. They also break down barriers that block students from developing a deep intimate relationship with God.

DSCN1437Big Things are important. They make the small things work better. Sunday School is more energized, Bible Studies go deeper and students actually get together with other students or their leaders outside of the church building. For that reason R.E.A.L. is committed to offer quality retreats and camps during the year. It is in these wild and crazy times that lives begin to change.

It is also why we try to have a mission trip every year where we can combine the wild and crazy with service. I hope every student takes advantage of all the Big Things we do just so they get more out of the small things. Here are the Big Things coming up for us this year:

  • Winter Jam Overnighter – Noveber 15, 2013 ($20)

  • Dare 2 Share January 24-25 – Seattle Washington

  • Camp Arrah Wanna – Winter Retreat – TBA

  • Mission Trip 2014 – TBA

  • Camp Arrah Wanna – High School Camp – TBA

  • Camp Arrah Wanna – Middle School Camp – TBA

By the way… If you are planning on attending ANY of these event you will need to download and fill out a Parent Permission Slip/Medical Release form. There is a new form each school year so if you haven’t filled one out since September 1st now is the time to do it by clicking here or on the Release Form link on the main menu.