Scarred: Preparing for the Hurt in Life


Are you Scarred?

The challenge of life isn’t avoiding pain (since that’s impossible), the real challenge is how to deal with pain when it happens. How to manage and heal from the wounds life inflicts on us. I am hoping this powerful three-week series will help help students recognize and deal with the most painful experiences in their life. And most importantly, they’ll see how God can take their pain and use it to make beauty. This is a powerful 4 week series. We hope you can join us. We hope that through this series you can begin to find healing for your scars.

Series Schedule:

Hurt Happens (November 3)

Risking to Deal with Life’s Hurts  (November 10)

Share Your Story – Testimony Sharing  (November 17)

By His Scars we are healed (November 24)